Intraocular pressure depends on the production, as well as the drainage of a liquid, known as aqueous humour, which nourishes the various structures of the eye. This increased venous pressure could cause the blood vessels in the eye to rupture. The inflammation within the eye is also attempted to be taken care of with medication. In case of closed angle glaucoma, it can be 40-80mm Hg. You can benefit from this... This kind of damage occurs because of excess pressure inside the eyeball. Corneal ulcer occurs due to an infection or abrasion of the eyeball. The ability to see objects and movement around the direct line of vision is known as peripheral vision. Disclaimer: This guzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.


In normal eyes, the eye pressure lies between 10-21 millimetres of mercury or mm Hg. There is no particular reason as to why people get affected by sties. The intra ocular pressure helps evaluate severity of situations like glaucoma. In case the dog has lost vision in the affected eye, then the complete removal of the eye, called nucleation, is considered. This is an eye disorder requiring medical treatment.