With cataracts, the eye's clear lens clouds, blocking light. Early in diabetic retinopathy, there may be no symptoms at all. The bleeding can cause scarring of the eye and damage vision. Full vision can return within six months. This can occur at any stage of diabetic retinopathy, although it is more likely to occur as the disease progresses. Diabetic retinopathy — Controlling blood sugar and blood pressure are essential to prevent diabetic retinopathy. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes. You can also help slow down the development of diabetic retinopathy by keeping your blood sugar and blood pressure in check.

Concerned.r curious about your health?  Angiogenesis is the hallmark precursor that may result in blindness or severe vision loss, particularly if the macula becomes affected. 1 Retinopathy may more rarely be due to ciliopathic genetic disorders, such as Alström syndrome or Bardet–Biedl syndrome . 3 retinopathies is diagnosed by an ophthalmologist during eye examination. Central serous retinopathy. The damaged vessels around the retina can leak protein and fats, forming deposits that can interfere with vision.